World’s Most Expensive Beer 2020

Beer is a central part of American life. It has become a very prevalent part of how we spend our recreational hours. Happy hours, BBQ and beer, Craft Beer, Low Carb beer, And so on and so on. We have quotes like this that shows that beer pervades everything, even a cartoon. “Ah beer. Now […]

World’s Most Expensive White Wine 2020

Wine comes in just about any kind of container you can imagine now a days. You can get it in a bottle (of course), a box, a bag in a box, an aluminum can, and even in a plastic bottle. Wine is as versatile a drink as it gets and white wine is no exception. […]

World’s Most Expensive Red Wine 2020

I can’t help but think of the song Red, Red Wine by UB40 whenever I hear the words Red Wine. It is an ode to the drink that so many love. Just take a look at these lyrics from the song. “Red red wine, you make me feel so fineYou keep me rockin’ all of […]