Hey, Pregnant Momma… This Drink is for You!

Fizz, Pop, Clink! Congratulations you’re pregnant! Let’s celebrate, oh wait you can’t drink. Don’t worry momma, we won’t let you sit over there with your glass of water, we’ve got you covered. Let me introduce you to the Mocktail, a celebratory drink that has all the fizz and buzz, minus the alcohol. Mocktails were formulated […]

Martini: Should You Shake Or Stir?

I think we all remember the famous line from James Bond, where he orders a martini and utters the now infamous line “Shaken, not stirred”. It sounds cool, and it even looks cool when the bartender makes it that way but is it really the best option for the drink. What I mean is, does […]

Lagavulin Whiskey: A Pure Classic

Off the beautiful coast of Scotland there is an island that goes by the name of Islay. On this island you will find Lagavulin Bay. On the coast a peculiar looking set of white buildings would capture your attention. They appear to be part of a farmhouse. They are painted pure white and there are […]