Punch Bowl Drinks For The Holidays

Punch refers to a wide assortment of drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic, most containing fruit or fruit juice. The drink was introduced from India by sailors and employees of the British East India Company to the United Kingdom in the early seventeenth century, and from there its use spread to other countries. Punch is usually […]

Famous Celebrities And Their Brews

Celebrities are people too, so it should come as no surprise that some of them like to drink a good craft brew just like the rest of us. While some have made the plunge and opened their own brewery, others have worked in conjunction with brewers to come up with a beer that suits their […]

Famous Names In Liquor

It seems like every other day we get a celebrity promoting a new liquor, or even an established brand. It just so happens that when famous people talk, we listen. So it makes total sense to have a celebrity advertising. Big names like Bruce Willis, Mila Kunis, and Matthew McConaughey have all done commercials and […]

Alcopops, What In The World Are They?

The term Alcopop is a little misleading. It’s kind of like someone asking you what you drive and saying you drive a car. It’s a very broad term that covers a lot of different things. Alcopops are no different. There are some that are made with wine, there are some that are made with liquor, […]

Dom Pérignon: A Rich History

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” –Dom Pérignon, monk and cellar master attributed to the discovery of champagne, upon first tasting it. Champagne. It’s the standard bearer for celebratory drinks. Just got married? Toast with Champagne. Close a huge business deal? Pop a bottle of the bubbly! Just win the World Series? Shake those […]

When Did The Craft Brew Craze Start?

Technically, craft brewing has been around a long time. Humanity’s earliest known writings refer to the production and distribution of beer: the Code of Hammurabi included laws regulating beer and beer parlours. “The Hymn to Ninkasi” is a prayer to the Mesopotamian goddess of beer. So, the movement is nothing new. However, it was all […]

IPA or Lager? What’s The Difference?

There are a lot of varieties of beer out there. There are those who would say “a beer is a beer”, and technically, they’re right. If you enjoy beer though, you know that’s pretty far from the truth. So let’s take a moment and look at two of the most popular types of beer out […]

All Hail Our Robot Bartenders

If you’ve ever seen the Terminator movies, then you know that SkyNet is coming and Judgement day along with it. If you’re a fan of the Matrix then you know we already lost to the machines and are in a comatose state being drained of our life energy as we speak. If you’ve ever seen […]

How To Drink Eggnog Over The Holidays

Whenever I hear the word Eggnog it reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s also pretty much required watching in my house around the holidays. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. In the scene we have two of the most memorable characters from the movie, Clark Griswold and Cousin […]

Martini: Should You Shake Or Stir?

I think we all remember the famous line from James Bond, where he orders a martini and utters the now infamous line “Shaken, not stirred”. It sounds cool, and it even looks cool when the bartender makes it that way but is it really the best option for the drink. What I mean is, does […]

Lagavulin Whiskey: A Pure Classic

Off the beautiful coast of Scotland there is an island that goes by the name of Islay. On this island you will find Lagavulin Bay. On the coast a peculiar looking set of white buildings would capture your attention. They appear to be part of a farmhouse. They are painted pure white and there are […]

The Ultimate Guide To Orange Liqueur

This is for anyone who wants to know what an Orange Liqueur is and how to use it. There are tons of recipes that call for orange liqueur so it’s important to know what kinds there are available and what the difference is between them. There are different brands, different taste profiles and even non-alcoholic […]

Whiskey Aging Kit

I think we’ve all seen the commercials where they say “barrel aged” for so and so many years. “Aged in the finest casks” or whatever their marketing slogan might be. So what’s the real deal? Well, almost all whiskey is aged, so is it that big of a deal? Yes. The length of time something […]

Mixer: What Is A Simple Syrup?

Simple Syrup, or sometimes called sugary syrup, is a term you may hear a bartender talk about. You may have seen it in a drink recipe as well. So what exactly is it? Well, it’s not the kind of syrup you put on your pancakes and waffles. It really is well…simple. What Makes A Simple […]

Absinthe, The Myth and Mystery

Absinthe is somewhat of a mystery to most people. Most have heard that it is illegal because it causes drug like effects. In essence, you start tripping, hard. Movies and other media have done nothing to dispel this notion as well. I can think of a few movies that the effects of absinthe has been […]

World’s Most Expensive Beer 2020

Beer is a central part of American life. It has become a very prevalent part of how we spend our recreational hours. Happy hours, BBQ and beer, Craft Beer, Low Carb beer, And so on and so on. We have quotes like this that shows that beer pervades everything, even a cartoon. “Ah beer. Now […]

World’s Most Expensive White Wine 2020

Wine comes in just about any kind of container you can imagine now a days. You can get it in a bottle (of course), a box, a bag in a box, an aluminum can, and even in a plastic bottle. Wine is as versatile a drink as it gets and white wine is no exception. […]

World’s Most Expensive Red Wine 2020

I can’t help but think of the song Red, Red Wine by UB40 whenever I hear the words Red Wine. It is an ode to the drink that so many love. Just take a look at these lyrics from the song. “Red red wine, you make me feel so fineYou keep me rockin’ all of […]

World’s Most Expensive Whiskey 2020

Whiskey is not just a drink. It’s something more. The drink is so beloved that music artists from Country to Rock sing about them. Not only that but they name the title after it. “Whiskey On The Rocks” by AC/DC, “Whiskey In The Jar” by Metallica, “Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss, and […]

World’s Most Expensive Tequila 2020

When you think of Tequila, you often think of a shot, a lime and salt. It’s the socially popular way to take a shot of tequila. You lick the back of your hand so the salt will stick, pour some salt on it. Then lick the salt. Take the shot of tequila and then suck […]

World’s Most Expensive Rum 2020

​When you say the word Rum, I think of pirates. It’s easy to see why that association exists. In almost every narrative, whether it be a book, a movie, or on Television they always have pirates drinking rum. Here’s a line that almost everyone will get. “Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest—…Yo-ho-ho, and a […]

World’s Most Expensive Gin 2020

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walls into mine.” – Rick Blaine, Casablanca. If that quote right there doesn’t tell you how iconic Gin is in our society then you obviously don’t watch a lot of movies. Casablanca is an absolute classic, just like Gin. Just to […]

World’s Most Expensive Brandy 2020

I think we’ve all watched movies or tv when a character pours a brandy and from some ridiculously expensive looking bottle. So what makes brandy so much different than other drinks? Let’s take a look and find out. A Brief History Of Brandy The rumor is that Brandy originated when a Dutch sailor tried to […]

Award Winning Irish Whiskey Brands

Just a few weeks ago The Annual Irish Whiskey Awards were held in Ireland. So we thought it was time to take a look at the best and brightest of what has become a booming industry once more. In fact, for the first time in history, yearly shipments are over 20 million to the United […]

Glogg, For A Cold Winter Night

The definition of Glogg according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: “a hot spiced wine and liquor punch served in Scandinavian countries as a Christmas drink.” So where do I sign up for some of this Glogg? Seriously. It goes on to say “Glogg is a holiday favorite in many Scandinavian cultures, where it is commonly […]

Martinis From Around The World

Martinis From Around The World - HmmWhat2Drink.com

“A Martini…shaken, not stirred.” Ah, is there anymore classic of a line that James Bond ordering a martini? I remember even as a kid I knew that line, even though I had no idea what it meant. That goes to show you just how iconic the Martini has been in the world of drinks. There […]

What Kind Of Drink Is A Negroni?

What Kind Of Drink Is A Negroni? - HmmWhat2Drink.com

If you you’re asking yourself if you have ever heard of a Negroni then you are probably not alone. The world is full of traditional drinks from various regions. This particular drink hails from Italy. It is considered an Aperitif, which is a drink that is usually enjoyed before a meal.  A Little History On […]

Chocolate Drinks For Adults Only

Chocolate Drinks for Adults Only - HmmWhat2Drink.com

Chocolate! Is there anything so loved in our world as chocolate? You can eat it by itself, you can cover almonds, peanuts, and cashews in it. You can put marshmallow, peanut butter, or coconut in it. You can drink it. You can make a pie out of it. It’s one of the most loved and […]

What In The World Is Grog?

What In The World Is Grog? - HmmWhat2Drink.com

The word Grog sounds like it could be a name for some alien planet or lifeform. It’s a fairly odd word but it actually has a very straightforward meaning. According to wikipedia “Grog is any of a variety of alcoholic beverages. The word originally referred to a drink made with water and rum, which British […]

5 Ways To Make A Moscow Mule

5 Ways To Make A Moscow Mule - HmmWhat2Drink.com

The Moscow Mule is a classic drink. It typically comes served in a copper mug and it comprised of vodka, ginger beer, and line. There’s something about the copper mug that makes the drink an instant classic and a very unique addition to any line of drinks.  History Of The Moscow Mule In 1941 a […]

Mixer: How To Make Homemade Orgeat

How To Make Homemade Orgeat - HmmWhat2Drink.com

If you’re asking yourself if that title is misspelled, don’t worry. You’re not alone. I had to double check before I moved on as well. Yes, the word is orgeat and it is an actual drink. The surprising part is that it is much more common than you may think it is. What Is This […]

Must Have Man Cave Ideas

The Man Cave. It’s become a staple in the American males vocabulary. It’s a magical place where a man and his friends can escape to a realm where they can feel comfortable and at home. According to wikipedia a Man Cave is “A man cave or manspace, and less commonly a manland or mantuary is […]

What’s The Value Of My Beer Sign?

How did beer signs become so cool? Well, there are a lot of reasons. In many ways a beer sign is a status symbol. In some of the older generations it wasn’t common to have a bar at your home. It was a status symbol of sorts. You would find beers signs in only a […]

How Cool Are These Smoke Infused Cocktails

If you are confused about what a smoke infused cocktail is, don’t worry. You are not alone. Drinks with alcohol have been around a long, long time. The first brewed drinks showed up around 7,000 years ago and have been evolving ever since. Smoky cocktails are a recent development and have been part of the […]

Made with Horchata

Horchata is known as a Mexican drink made with rice, and is flavored with cinnamon and sugar. It’s roots go much deeper than this though. Horchata has roots as far back as ancient Egypt and has been used in countries all across southern Europe, Africa, and North America. It is a simple drink but classic […]

Tequila, The Mezcal Above Them All

It’s one of the most popular liquors in North America, from Argentina to Canada, California to the Carribean, and everywhere in between. It’s popular in mixed drinks and on its own and it has a storied history. It’s not just a drink you find at frat parties and resorts in cancun. It’s is a very […]

Unique Drinking Games Across The World

It’s party time! So how do you keep your guests entertained while they are in your company. You could go with the usual route of having a nice spread of snacks and foods to choose from. Afterall, good conversation and food is never a bad thing. However, sometimes you need something a little more. You […]

Cocktail Bitters And What They Are All About

If you were to ask me how many different mixed drinks or cocktails there are out there. I’m not sure I could even give you an answer. It seems like there’s a new one every time you turn around. One thing is for certain though. They have a certain taste. Some are sweet, and some […]

Alcohol To Drink On The Keto Diet

It’s inevitable. There comes along every once in a while a diet fad that becomes so popular that it becomes part of our culture. It could be a lifestyle diet for people like vegetarians and Vegans, or it could be about what is eaten like the Paleo diet or the Clean Eating Diet. Let’s face […]

Sake, Sake, Sake… What is it?

Nothing says date night, like going out for sushi, and ordering some sake! With so many sushi restaurants popping up all over town, and liquor stores being able to order anything these days, it’s easy to enjoy a nice cup of sake with dinner. Sake, or rice wine, is an alcoholic beverage that originated in […]

Celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day

When September 7th rolls around, you’re going to want to clear your schedule. On that day, it is officially National Beer Lover’s Day. I know, in a day and age where there is actually a National Walk Around Things Day, A National Ampersand Day, and a National Lumpy Rug Day another holiday may just seem […]

What Is A Malt Liquor?

In North America, Malt Liquor refers to any type of beer with a high alcohol content. Beers containing alcohol content above 6 percent generally fall in this category. They have a similar brewing process to that of American Style Lagers. Malt Liquors tend to make use of inexpensive materials such as corn, rice, and dextrose […]

Hit Up Fall With Hard Cider

It’s Cider time! Here in Michigan, it’s a big deal. I realize it may not be in some parts of the country but I know in the upper Midwest and The Pacific Northwest, cider is a big deal. Why? Well, because of all the apples we harvest! Cider is a drink made by crushing fruit […]

Simple Tiki Drink Garnishes For You

The word Tiki evokes a lot of different thoughts. In modern America, we think of tiki in the sense of some kind of Hawaiian party with torches, grass skirt, and fruity drinks. Drinks that comes in tall glasses, are brightly colored, have an umbrella hanging out of it, and taste like they are made from […]

Vegans and Vegetarians Want To Drink Too!

Veganism is nothing new. If you don’t know what it is or what it’s about then you probably don’t own a phone, tv, or have much contact with other people. Some people call it a craze or a fad but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is that it has been around […]

Selecting The Right Type of Glass For Your Drink

When you are young and just starting out on your drinking journey you don’t tend to think about what kind of cup or glass you put a drink in. If I can be honest, I mixed most of my drinks in those plastic super sized drinks from Taco Bell or McDonald’s. It wasn’t eloquent or […]

Wine Slushies For The Win

There’s a new drink out there that is campaigning for “Best Summer Drink”. It’s cold, fruity, delicious, and made from wine? Wait a second. Wine and Summer, yeah ok, I’ll bite. What is the world could possibly bring wine to the front of the summer “cool” list? A wine slushie, that’s what. What Exactly Is […]

Gifts For Craft Beer Lovers

Craft beer is one of the hottest growth markets in small business right now. The reason is that there are so many craft beer lovers out there. Tired of the same old thing and the low flavor, mass-produced, national products out there. Craft Beer brewers and connoisseurs alike have given birth to the revolution. The […]

How To Make A Good Bloody Mary

Is there any more versatile of a drink than the famed Bloody Mary? It’s an anytime drink, and that’s a hard thing to accomplish in the world of booze. It is said to be the ultimate “hair of the dog” drink, meaning it can help with a hangover. You can order one for breakfast, brunch, […]

Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

It’s that time of year again. The temperature slowly starts to go down day by day and you are met with crisp, cool mornings. The harvest season begins and brings forth apples, corn, and pumpkins. Pumpkins! It wasn’t too long ago that the only things you would associate with pumpkins were Halloween and Pumpkin Pie […]

Beer Can Chicken On A Pellet Grill

Rain or shine, Snow or sleet, there is never a bad time to make a good ‘ole Beer Can Chicken. There are tons of recipes out there for Beer Can Chicken, and they all sound delicious. Beer Can Chicken is known for not only being flavorful but also being fall off of the bone moist […]

A Brief History of Scotch

Scotch Whiskey is relatively new to the world compared to most liquors that have been widely available for a much longer amount of time. There are few liquors that have taken such a hold as Scotch has though. A Scotch reminds us of some of the most inspiring and impactful people in recent history. Winston […]

The Best Drinking Games In The World! (Or The Cheapest)

You can feel it in the air when summer is about to hit. There is just something about a nice sunny day that gets the gears turning for a good day of relaxing and having fun. Is there any better way to achieve both than with a really great outdoor drinking game? The answer is […]

Low Carb Beer? Yes Please.

Researchers all over the globe have disagreements about how and why a diet works. The reasons are as long as a grocery list but curiously there is one thing that they agree on. The most effective diet is the one that you can stay on. Incorporating the things that we love into our low carb […]

The Best Drinks For A Low Carb Diet

Let’s be honest, no one likes cutting carbs. Whether you are on a low carb diet or are just trying to cut some carbs where you can, diets can be hard to follow. This is especially true after you have had a cocktail or two. Your inhibitions can be hampered and you may not care […]

The Gift of the Beer Caddy

There are a lot of reasons why a Beer Caddy is cool. It’s a handcrafted carrier of all things beer. It often times has a built-in bottle opener for the added convenience of being able to open the beers that are carried within. A Beer Caddy is a hand made, six bottle, beer carrier for […]

How to Buy Hops Near You and Brew Your Own Brew

The Craft Brewing Craze isn’t exactly a craze anymore. It has become a part of the beer dynamic that was once dominated by the major companies like Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser), MillerCoors, and Pabst. Craft Breweries have popped up all over the United States bringing with them their own distinctive style and tastes to the industry instead […]

Tools Every Home Bar Should Have

When I first got into the home buying market I thought, “Wouldn’t it be so cool to have a bar in the house?”. Now, that is definitely easier said than done. The thought stayed with me though as I looked at tons of different houses. I had thoughts of entertaining all of my friends and […]

Beer. It’s What’s for Dinner! Kind of.

Did you know that Beer is a natural meat tenderizer? Me neither. I just heard about it today. I mean I’ve known that you can cook with beer for a long time but I did not know that it tenderized the meat. One more reason crack open a beer, right? Anyways, if you know anything […]

The Awesome Yeti Colster Koozie, Keeping Beer Cold!

My in-laws have a nice boat that we take out on the lake. It’s a nice way to kick back, take in some sun, and have a few brews. Except for the Captain, the captain always has a soda. So Anyways, my in-laws have about 20 of those foam drink koozies. All different designs, shapes, […]