Famous Names In Liquor

It seems like every other day we get a celebrity promoting a new liquor, or even an established brand. It just so happens that when famous people talk, we listen. So it makes total sense to have a celebrity advertising. Big names like Bruce Willis, Mila Kunis, and Matthew McConaughey have all done commercials and ads for big name liquor companies. However, some celebrities go a little farther and actually start their own company. Here’s a list of some of the best celebrity owned liquor brands.

Boozy Music To Their Ears

Here are some of the best liquors and spirits to comes from famous musicians

Sean Combs – He used to put out hit after hit in the 90’s. He not only produced for the Notorious B.I.G. before his untimely demise but then also went on to have a pretty successful rap career himself. You couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing him. He was dating Jennifer Lopez, He was in Music Videos, He was on TV shows like making the band, but who knew one of his most lasting ventures would be in liquor. Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs is behind the Ciroc Vodka brand. It’s actually the second largest high end vodka brand in the United States. Way to go Diddy!

Dave Matthews – I might as well just add “band” to the end of his name and you would know, without a doubt, who I was referring to right away. The famous frontman of one of the best selling bands in the last 30 years has a company called Dreaming Tree Wines. Not only are they good wines but they use recycled paper for labels, less material for their bottles, and donate to environmental organizations. Nicely done Mr. Matthews. Check out some of his hit albums here.

Willie Nelson – If all you know about Willie Nelson is that he wears a bandana, braids his hair, and gets high, then you don’t know Willie. He also shares a love for whiskey. Named after one of his famous songs “Whiskey River” comes with a guitar pick and a signature with every bottle. He’s a man of many trades.

Marilyn Manson – Yes, that one. Known for his over the top costuming and goth culture, this chart topping industrial metal rocker made probably the one liquor that would make sense for him. An Absinthe. Aptly named Mansinthe, the liquor has actually gotten amazing reviews and is served in some of the top cocktail bars in the country.

Justin Timberlake – It doesn’t seem that long ago that Justin was the squeaky clean kid on the Disney Channel. Then he was the curly haired heartthrob in N’Sync. He morphed into the bad boy solo artist taking the charts over solo. Then he went onto dominate everything. TV, Movies, he dated Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and married Jessica Biel. Why wouldn’t he get into the liquor business. Timberlake is behind a line by Sauza called “Sauza 901” and just like everything else he does. It’s really good. This tequila gets its name from his home area code in Memphis Tennessee, where he no doubt has a few drinks with Chris Stapleton now and then.

Movie Making Liquor Machines

Now that we’ve climbed the music charts of liquor, let’s go to the stars who occupy the big and small screens on our life and see what kind of liquor they have.

Ryan Reynolds – It was clear from the moment he did Van Wilder back in the early 2000’s that this man was destined for greatness. He’s whacky in a way that no one else is and for that, we love him. The funny man put his star power behind starting a new liquor brand called “Aviation Gin”. It’s actually one of the best gins out there. Way to go Deadpool. Speaking of Deadpool, you can check out the movie here.

Danny DeVito – This is the best name of the bunch. His brand is called “Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello”. It leaves little doubt who is behind this bottle of deliciousness. He’s been all over the place in his acting career. He is beloved on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, has had major roles in film, and now he’s got a retirement plan with his own limoncello.

Dan Aykroyd – I’m sure we’ve all seen the bottle at the liquor store but didn’t know who was behind it. If you’ve ever seen vodka in a bottle shaped like a skull, then you are looking at Dan Aykroyd’s “Crystal Head Vodka”. All weirdness aside, it’s a great vodka with a little bit of a vanilla kiss at the end.

Bill Murray – The man, the myth, the legend. Bill Murray is comedy royalty. Ghostbusters, Scrooged, What About Bob, Groundhog Day, and the list goes on of his hit movies. He’s even done some serious roles in which he was really good. So now, since he has clearly conquered Hollywood, he’s throwing his hat into the booze game. Slovenia Vodka is Bill Murray’s brand.

Robert De Niro – If there was ever an actor who could do it all, Robert De Niro would be on that short list. Whether he’s taking down bad guys, he IS the bad guy, or he’s a comically overprotective father in-law, he always good. He also likes the Vodka, or in his case VDKA. VDKA 6100 is his New Zealand produced vodka that has a citrusy flavor and a bit of spice.

Now, just because a celebrity endorses or even owns an alcohol brand doesn’t mean it will be good. I mean Florida Georgia Line has a whiskey out there. I’m just saying. So before you buy something just because someone is endorsing it or owns, make sure you read some reviews or info on it. Unless it’s Justin Timberlake, because apparently, there’s nothing that man can’t do. Cheers!

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