The Awesome Yeti Colster Koozie, Keeping Beer Cold!

My in-laws have a nice boat that we take out on the lake. It’s a nice way to kick back, take in some sun, and have a few brews. Except for the Captain, the captain always has a soda. So Anyways, my in-laws have about 20 of those foam drink koozies. All different designs, shapes, and brands. None of them really work all that well when it gets to be about mid-day and the sun is at its peak. The heat comes right down on top of you and it super heats everything. The seats get hot, your skin starts to tan (or burn), and the drinks get warm.

It’s usually at this time that we grimace and chug the rest of our drinks and then go for a swim. Then we repeat the process. On a hot day this period last for a couple of hours. Usually from about noon to 4 or 5 in the afternoon. One day my brother-in-law brought something new with him. He brought a Yeti Rambler Colster. I asked him what it was, and he told me all about it.

The Colster is made by the same guys who make the indestructible coolers and started the whole Tumbler craze, Yeti. Is there a cooler name for a company than Yeti? No pun intended. Anyways, they make this colster. It’s like a drink koozie except that it’s made of stainless, double walled steel and not foam or plastic. The idea is that it is supposed to keep your drink colder for much longer than the average foam koozie. So it has this gasket at the top that you unscrew and then you put your beer or soda in there, screw the gasket back on and that’s it. Your drink is ready to stay cool for a long time.

The Colster also works for glass bottles too. So if you’re the type that likes to pop that top off, then this will also work for you. I know people that swear up and down that there’s a huge difference between soda in plastic or aluminum versus the old school glass bottled soda. There are some that say the same about their beer. An ice-cold beer just doesn’t taste any better than when it’s coming out of that bottle. You know, personally, I like my Corona in a glass bottle, so I get it. Anyways, the Colster works for you no matter what category you fall in, can or bottle.

Double wall insulation means that by having two layers of stainless steel in the Colster, the two layers together will allow the bottle to regulate itself and keep the cold inside. As for the outside of the colster, it remains the same temperature as the surrounding air. So the outside stays room temperature basically. So, boom! The inside stays cold and your drink along with it. There are a couple of “science-y” things you need to know to get how this works. Heat can transfer in 3 different ways.

Conduction, or direct contact. Kind of like when you touch the pizza pan on accident after you take it out of the oven.

Convection, is the process of using air or liquid to transfer the heat. You know how when you make Mac n’ Cheese and the water is lukewarm but then it starts to boil?

Radiation, is when something gets hot and it sends the energy out or “radiates” the energy. It’s like a campfire. You can feel the heat and the closer you get the hotter it gets.

So, does it work? Well, yeah! It really does. This guy my bro in law knows did a test and put it up against a regular koozie, and no koozie at all. He said he tested the temperatures in a hot area and the Colster only went up about 7 degrees in an hour while the other ones went up 12 for the koozie and 25 degrees without anything on. So basically, it keeps your drink cold for an hour or more instead of having to gulp down warm brew or soda, and warm carbonated drinks don’t go down too easy, I can tell you that. He also did a test with glass bottle too. If you want to know more about the tests he did you can check it out.

So this Yeti Rambler Colster keeps your drinks cold for a long time. It is made of stainless steel, and it comes in all sorts of cool colors too like Sky Blue, Olive Green, Brick Red, and more. It doesn’t sweat like a regular can because of the double wall technology that keeps the cold in, and the warm out. When your drink sweats it’s because hot, humid air is touching cold metal or aluminum. So it turns into what we call beads of “sweat”.

So the Colster is pretty legit. It does what it says it can do. Here is what Yeti has to say about the Colster directly on their website;

“The YETI Colster® keeps cans and bottles so cold for so long that you’ll have to rethink your understanding of a few natural laws. Standard 12 oz. cans and bottles fit like a glove – a glove with double-wall vacuum insulation. The Load-and-Lock™ Gasket secures your drink in place, and No Sweat™ Design keeps your hands dry while your drink stays cold. Available in stainless and DuraCoat™ colors.”

Yeti was founded by a couple of brothers who found that the gear they had just did not hold up. They always found that handles and clips and anything breakable, would break. They also didn’t do a very good job of keeping things cool. So they started Yeti. Now they offer not only the Colster, but a whole line of coolers, drinkware, Bags, and a variety of other things.

I imagine if you’re into the outdoors like camping, fishing, and boating then this is a good buy for you cause, man, there is nothing worse than a warm beer. Especially if you like to play some drinking games when you’re camping or at the lake. It’s obviously a little heavier than a regular foam koozie and it doesn’t fold up or squash down, but it definitely works better. I don’t know about you but I like stuff that works. That also reminds me of the old saying “You get what you pay for”. It’s more expensive than a traditional koozie, but I think that would only make sense. I mean one is made of foam and the other is made of Steel. Duh! Yeah, the steel one is gonna cost more. It’s also worth it.

So here’s the deal. This Colster is gonna be something you can keep for a long time. Its double walled steel construction not only means it’s gonna keep your drinks ice-cold, but that it’s gonna last too. Those foam koozies always have weird chunks missing or ripped off. It just looks weird man. You know how you’re gonna look with one of these Yeti Rambler Colsters? Classy. REAL classy. Everyone is gonna be asking you what it is, how it works, and where you got it. It’s pretty easy to be the life of the party when that party stays ice-cold all day!

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