The Best Drinking Games In The World! (Or The Cheapest)

You can feel it in the air when summer is about to hit. There is just something about a nice sunny day that gets the gears turning for a good day of relaxing and having fun. Is there any better way to achieve both than with a really great outdoor drinking game? The answer is a “hard” no. It’s the best. Pitting your competitive nature versus your decreasing sobriety is a recipe for fun! Just don’t take it too seriously because, after all, these are just games. 

That said, drinking games are also a great way to socialize and make new friends. It takes teamwork and some skill to achieve victory in these games but it can be a lot of fun. In the spirit of keeping things PG we are going to look at games that will fit certain criteria. 

  1. It has to be FUN
  2. It has to take a certain amount of skill
  3. It has to involve drinking

The reason we are going with these criteria is that I have personally been on the bad end of a drinking game that requires no skill and was just up to chance. The life changing hangover is one I will never forget. I also don’t think chugging a beer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin style, spinning around in circles with my head on a bat, and trying to run to a finish line takes a whole lot of talent. Is it funny? Well, hell yeah! Is it worth it the next day? No. Make sure if you ever do take part in these drinking games that you have a bottle of Advil, a Gatorade, and the curtains closed for the next day. 

So without further ado…let the games begin!

Drinking games that involve some Strategy

Giant Jenga

Jenga is a fun game on a normal basis. So when you take that game and make it out of 2×4 then you’ve just upped the ante. This is a great way to pass the time and it’s a very affordable game as well. All you need are 2×4’s and a saw and you can make this game yourself. You can also purchase one on Amazon here.  Now, there is a certain skill involved in moving around blocks to keep the pile from toppling over. You have to have some logical skills as well as some motor skills, both of which decrease as you drink more.

There’s really only one way to play the game itself, but there are several ways you can incorporate the drinking aspect. You can take a drink with every move you make, or with every move that anyone makes. If you lose and cause the pile to topple over you can have different penalties like finish your drink, down a beer, or take a shot. It all depends on how crazy you want to get. 

Flip Cup

This can certainly be played inside but who’s gonna be the one to clean up the inevitable spills? Not me, and I’m guessing neither are you. That’s why this is an awesome game for the deck, patio, backyard, or even the garage. That way when someone takes a drink the wrong way or laughs in the middle of chugging their cup it doesn’t spray all over the kitchen or dining room. Trust me. I’ve done it. 

So the concept is you get teams of 3 or more and line’em up. Each person gets a solo cup. You can play with whatever drink you want, but we recommend beer. You fill the cups up about a quarter of the way and then you’re ready to start. The first person chugs the beer then places the cup bottom side up hanging off the edge of the table. You try to flip the cup over so it lands right side up again. It sounds easy but I assure you, it’s not. When that person is done then the next in line starts the process all over again. You can go through it once or back through the line up. The first team with their cups flipped wins. It’s easy and fun. All you need is a table and some solo cups

Games That Require A Little Finesse


Here is another game that takes some skill. If you aren’t familiar with the game then you should check it out here on Amazon to get an idea of what it looks like. It basically involves two trash can like barrels that have a slit cut into the front and an open top which you can try to throw a Frisbee into it. The object is to either land it in the bucket through the opening on top or to put it through the hole in the front, which is much harder. It’s a fun game and you can play as teams, which makes the fun factor sky-rocket!

You can play like most point based games and take a drink whenever the other team gets a point. You can also put a final wager on the game that the loser finishes their drink, or has to take another drink or shot. In any case, this game is a ton of fun and you and your friends and family will love playing it.  

Polish Horseshoes (also Bottle Bash)

This is a fairly simple game that you can play as one on one, or in teams. If you go for more than 3 or 4 people per team it may get a little crowded. The job is to try to knock down the empty beer bottle balanced atop the other team’s pole that has been thrust into the ground with a Frisbee. Hitting the bottle earns three points, hitting the pole and knocking down the bottle earns two points and hitting the pole without disturbing the bottle earns one point. The goal is to be the first to reach 21 points. You can leisurely drink while playing or wager a drink per point. You can really set it up however you want to as far as the drinking part goes. In my experience, the losing team has to finish their drink. Check it out here on Amazon.


This one is the king of the almighty tailgate party and for good reason. It’s fun, you can customize the boards with your favorite teams, and it’s easy to set up and take down. It goes by a few other names like Bean Bag Toss, Bag toss, and Bags. This is such a popular game that there is actually an American Cornhole Association. This is a game that you’ll find everywhere from the beach, to the bar, and even at wedding receptions. 

The game is simple. You have a board that is tilted upward with a hole cut on the top. You stand about 20 feet away and try to get the bag in the hole. The first one to 21(usually) wins. It’s a laid back game and it’s fun to knock a few back while doing it. It’s a team game, so make sure you’re ready to use some teamwork.

Make Sure It’s All About The Fun

These are some of the best, and least expensive drinking games you can do. They are easy to set up and take down and relatively inexpensive. The goal is always fun but sometimes you get that guy or gal who shows up and requires that you salute to Captain Competition. Don’t let them run the show. Just remember, it’s all about having a good time. Unless you’re the Designated Driver, then it’s probably not as good of a time but you will have earned your friends and loved ones respect! So as always, have fun and stay safe. Cheers! 

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