Unique Drinking Games Across The World

It’s party time! So how do you keep your guests entertained while they are in your company. You could go with the usual route of having a nice spread of snacks and foods to choose from. Afterall, good conversation and food is never a bad thing. However, sometimes you need something a little more. You need to kick it up a notch. 

Drinking games! They are nothing new here in America. Everyone from college age to full grown adults into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond partake in a little bit of the drinking game world here. You have the traditional go-to games like beer pong, flippy cup, and various card games. I’ve even seen things as unique as a giant replica of the popular game on The Price Is Right, Plinko, turned into a giant drinking game call “drinko”. Yes, the world of drinking games is ever inventive and changing all of the time. 

What about the rest of the world though? How do they pass the time. That is exactly the question we aim to answer. This will be a guide for learning about international drinking games that you may have never known about. Who knows, you may just want to break out one of these games at you next party. 

International Drinking Games

La vache qui tache – France

La vache qui tache in french for “The Cow Who Stains” and it sounds pretty crazy. All you need is a cork and some friends to play with. Take the corl and on one end blacken it with a candle or lighter flame. Players take turns calling out fellow players by their pre-assigned numbers until someone screws up in remembering an opponent’s number. At that point, your face gets spotted with the blackened cork and game play continues.

While there are no assigned drinks with this game you can casually sip your wine and eat your cheese as you take part in a traditional French game that is bound for some laughs, especially at the losers expense. Of course, with any game you can make up some drinking rules that you want to apply to the game as well. 

Kinito – Spain

If you have ever played yahtzee then you may like this game. You take two dice and a cup, shake them up. You keep the dice in the cup and privately look at what you rolled. Place the cup down and tell the next player in turn what you rolled. It is then their job to say whether you are telling the truth or not. They can call you out or try to roll higher than what you say you have. You can assign drinks or go with a simple loser takes a drink rule. You then move on to the next player in the circle and repeat the process.

Bear Paw – Russia

This is a hard core game. It sounds more like a test of blood alcohol level than a game, but to each their own I suppose. The game is simple. You start out with a mug of beer. You pass the mug around for each player to take a drink. After each player takes a sip you replace the amount missing from the mug with vodka. You then continue the game until the mug is entirely vodka. Once you hit this point you reverse methods and start to pour beer back into the mug until the mug is once again beer. The process repeats until everyone else is either passed out or too inebriated to drink. I’m not sure if this is a game or a punishment, anyways, you do you Russia. 

Fuzzy Duck – United Kingdom

In this game, players sit around in a circle, alternately calling out “fuzzy duck” or “ducky fuzz.” If a player, upon his turn, inadvertently calls out “does he?” then play immediately resumes in the opposite direction. If a player screws up on his turn, he drinks. It’s pretty simple in remise. It’s basically “duck, duck, goose” for adults. It requires no extra pieces to play, just some drinks and people. Good times if you are low on ideas. 

Kastenlauf – Germany

Kasten lauf means “box run” in German so if running isn’t your thing then you may want to read on to the next one now, but I suggest you don’t because this one is ridiculous. You and a partner start the game, or race, with a beer crate. A crate of beer, by the way, is 20 bottle. You take turns, one person carrying the crate and the other drinking a bottle of beer. All the while you are racing other teams to finish first. These race average about 10 km, or about 6 miles. Good luck with this one!

More Games From Around The World

Goon of Fortune – Australia

A playful take on “Wheel of Fortune” This game involves removing the bladded from a box of wine, known in Australia as, you guessed it, a goon. You take the goon and tie it to a revolving clothesline. Yes, a clothesline that you hang clothes out to dry on like we had here in until about the 80’s. Players sit under the clothes line and pull the clothes line until someone yess “Goon of Fortune” then the line stop and whoever is sitting underneath the bladder has to take a drink. It’s inventive, i’ll give them that. 

Ping, Pong, Pang – Japan

This game is based on the premise that motor skills deteriorate when drinking. It’s a 100 percent true and this game takes full advantage of this. A player shouts “Ping”, his buddy yells “Pong”, and a third shouts “Pang”, before nominating which dude’ll kick it all off again with a “Ping”. Onlookers chant “Iki, iki, iki”, which means “Drink, drink, drink”, and whenever someone hesitates following their cue, they have to take a shot. This game could get messy quickly depending on what you’re drinking. 

Hammerschlagen – Germany

This game is based on a tradition started at Oktoberfest in the early 19th Century. This game has everyone sticking a nail in a tree stump (or some random piece of wood). When it’s your turn, you have to hit your nail or drink. That goes around until someone totally sinks their nail into the wood. First person to do so wins a free shot and the last person gets the next round. You may want to have a first aid kit handy. You know, just in case.

A Game Is A Game

When it comes right down to it, drinking games are the same no matter what nationality you claim. They bring about so many different things. They are a way to bond with friends, show off your competitive nature, or simply pass the time. It’s a tradition that is long standing no matter where you are from.

Next time you throw a party consider giving one of these games a try. They may sound simple or lack meaning, but how dumb does beer pong sound when you try to explain ot. What about quarters? Exactly. No drinking game is perfect. They are designed for a reason. To drink and have fun. Try spicing it up with a little international flair by using traditional drinkware when playing them. You can find decently priced beer steins on Amazon. You can also try some unique shot glasses like these on Amazon. No matter what, make sure you stay safe and try not to hammer your hand to log. Cheers!

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